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by IvyBeth

I've been looking through your gallery for the better part of an afternoon, and have become quite enamored of your Fursona, Ovy. She is...

Great work with the lighting, but I see you did go with the conceit of the pants conforming to her muscular detail. Not that I complain...


So, you may notice a lot of crude pen drawings. I'm not given a lot of room at work, so I bought a cute little 4x6 notepad from a dollar store.

So, I keep my art hand sharp.
Classic Mace Is Best Mace
I borrowed a pose of Thor from the first Avengers vs. Kang issue in Essential Avengers #1.

He ended up in his chest plates (borrowed from Thor and Iron Man) and chainmail (borrowed from Captain America.)

Brought back to mind that Mace is a Magneto who grew up loving the Avengers, and his powers only really reach "Magneto levels" when he has his "crutches."

Like, his telekinesis is usually only about 3000 pounds worth, but spinning his war club, he can produce a wind capable of holding 100 tons aloft.
Old And New Maces
The new "ribbon armor" is on the left with the classic chest carapace pieces, but the new belt emblem and lack of heart insignia.

The older chainmail armor on the right.
Mace And Requin Looks Like A Party
Two of my favorite red white and blue boys, oft teamed with Armada, Mace and Requin.
Lumion back 32616 by Skaramine

I was tagged by :iconbogmonster: so, I'll play. :)


1.) Post the rules.

2.) Post 8 facts about your character.

3.) Tag 8 other characters.

4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Eight Facts about Lumion.

1) Lumion began in the 70's as Powerboy, and he drew a ton of inspiration from the Japanese Kaiju series Spectreman. Once upon a time, he even grew to enormous heights to deal with giant monsters. He was my secont original superhero after... Locker Boy.

2) Lumion's current identity is Winston Daryl Patton. Previous names were David White, Doug White, and Daryl Piarowski (my grandmother's maiden name). Mom did not care for me taking her mother's last name, so as kind of a "passive-aggressive fuck you, mom", I used my biological father's last name. Winner and I are both adopted.

3) Powerboy/Lumion's powers originally came from a "power glove" - a living organism capable of absorbing and storing enormous amounts of light energy, like Superman's cells. The creature was called the Ergocite. While I love the symbiot idea, and might even return to it, Winner is currently a "Frankenstein" - a young man who lost major portions of his body (his left arm which is his dominant arm, his eyes and suffered severe neurological damage). This means that he had donated materials from a grateful psychic, shapeshifting race (dragons in my main universe, the Martians in a DCU setting, and not quite certain about a Marvel version, but I'm leaning toward what the Brood did to Carol Danvers to make her Binary).

4) Lumion started young. In his life, he's been through a lot of peaks and valleys, including losing his wife and unborn child, as well as generally making complete wreckage out of his love life. One of his greatest weaknesses is he falls for women quickly and easily.

5) He's gone through FAR too many professional names too. Powerboy. The Luminator. Morningstar. Morning Knight. Power Glove. Lumion. He may change again.

6) One of Lumie's friends is an entity that calls itself Loki. Whether he's the real thing or not, he comes with his attendant meathead "family" - Thor being forty or fifty of those meatheads. Loki could be a shapeshifted dragon, he could be an "actual Asgardian" (or maybe a blend of those). Loki has also helped Lumie out, getting him to Hell to rescue the stolen soul of his deceased wife.

7) Lumie's brother-in-arms is the Avian Prince of an African Kingdom - Taloner, aka Terrence HiTower. Taloner is my take on what if Carter Hall was royalty like Namor. Hawkman and the Sub Mariner are shirtless dudes as tough as leather, if not tougher, and given to temper. Taloner doesn't have that same potential rage, and indeed, he is more the calming influence on his friend Lumie. Just because he isn't a hothead doesn't mean that his telekinetic claws won't wreck the hell out of you.

8) For all of his Martian/Spectreman/Superman analogies, and his Iceman-like Lightbridge, Lumie is still a more physical take on a Green Lantern. Where as most Lanterns use their hard light manipulation telekinetically, Lumie keeps his stuff tight in with his body. His costume is actually a "light skin" which also serves as a force field and life support system, and he can be caught off guard without the durability to keep him from breaking. He's "luminokinetic" which is either he can control hard light, or he just has really skiny and blatant telekinesis. His telepathic powers are nowhere near as powerful. He's got some decent "talking range" and up close and in person to prevent stray blasts and destruction, he can understand and speak even alien languages. A side effect of his nervous system allows Lumie to pick up and broadcast radio waves a la his telepathy. His dragon eyes are quite sensitive and powerful.

Now, let's see.

:iconbogmonster:'s Ladybug.
:iconvagabondx:'s Christian.
:iconstargamerworld:'s All-X.
:iconmutantcomix:'s Mick.
:iconkaedegirl:'s Asma Jensen.
:iconthecosmicbeholder:'s Captain Evening.
:iconlady-blackwings:'s Evelyna.
:iconryan91studio:'s Zooca.

Have fun.

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Douglas Wojtowicz
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United States
I'm a professional author who toys around with various mediums as I enjoy designing characters for comic books.

Current Residence: Chicagoland
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Favourite style of art: comic book
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